General Questions
Teknik means Technology in swedish.
I made Teknik originally as a page to showcase an IRC channel I was co-moderating. I began creating different services for the members of the channel, and it quickly grew and interest started to grow from outside the channel. This led to changing Teknik to be an independent venture away from the IRC channel. As time went on I continued to add new features that I wanted to try out, and that users requested. Today I work on it as a passion project and want to keep providing services that people like to use.
You can contact us via the Contact page or email us at
You can view the source for the website and services by visiting the Teknik git repository. It is open for pull requests as well if you would like to contribute!
Account registration is not required at Teknik for most of the free services. If you want to use any of the user specific features, you must register an account. You can view more about what is available with and without an account on our About Page.
To sign up for an account, you just need to click the Sign Up button on the top right of the navigation panel, or visit the Registration Page.
The max file size for everyone is 1 GB.
You are allowed to upload any file that you would like, except for a few exceptions. No Malware, or Copyright information is allowed. For a full look at what is allowed, view the upload section in the Terms of Service.
Every file has a deletion key generated when uploaded. When you are uploading a file, this key can be obtained by clicking the Deletion Link button for that upload. You can then navigate to the deletion link and the file will be deleted. If you are logged in, you can also go to your profile page to view all your uploads, and delete them from there.
When uploading a file, you have the option to encrypt the file using an AES-256 CTR cipher via Javascript in your browser. This generates a random key that is not transported to the server, and only available to you. To view files encrypted in the browser, you must supply this key as the anchor tag in the URL, or when prompted for it when viewing the download link for the file.
If an upload is returning a 404 error, this could mean that the upload was deleted due to being scanned and flagged as malware by the automated system, or had a valid DMCA served against it.
To get more storage, you can subscribe to a larger plan by visiting the subscriptions page.